Custom Order Runner

This runner was a recent custom order for Barb Bushman. Working with Barb was a delight, very open to design concepts and a willingness to let me offer suggestions along the way. This runner measures 120" long and 26" wide. The fringes are braided and a clasp weave technique was used to create the diamond pattern. This was woven out of Barb's llama yarns, some were mill spin and some were handspun. The reverse side has a unique braided edging outlining the diamonds, so it's a reversible rug! This rug will last a lifetime.

If you have a design in mind please contact me. I love to create unique one of a kind creations!



These rugs/wallhangings have received numerous awards this past year. They earned BEST OF SHOW in 2003 Michigan Fiber Festival and a PEOPLES CHOICE at Minnesota Shepherd's Festival. Judge Judith Kidder, who teaches at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School described this rug as "Drop Dead Gorgeous". Both rugs were created with using skirtings from llamas that were processed into roving. One was created from handspun rug yarn and the other in roving form. The pattern used was the Lee Surrender pattern, cotton carpet warp was also used. both rugs have since been sold, but I can create a special item for you, using my fibers and yarns or yours. Please feel free to contact me.


Dyed Felted Roving Rug

This rug which is called the Swoosh rug was designed using a method that rag rug weavers use, I adapted it so that felted roving could be used. The design element is created by using a math formula. The roving is wrapped around a frame that is made to dimension and then I apply the dye in the specfic areas to acheive the desired pattern. The process is somewhat time consuming but so fun to watch the design the appear as it is woven. This rug has been sold but others are in the making, each one offering it's own design.

Roving Rugs

These rugs are constantly being created. They are created from various fibers which include llama, alpaca and various wools. Many patterns are available and any size can be created for you. Please contact us for current stock or pricing on roving rugs.


Painted Warp Rug

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