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Welcome to the custom service page. I offer a wide variety of services for your fine fiber and you can be sure your special fleeces and yarns are treated with care.  Whether you want your fibers spun, dyed, woven, knitted, felted, crocheted I do it all.  I prefer to work closely with the client to assure the desired product that the client is looking for.  I also offer references that are available upon request. Please browse and if any additional information is needed or quotes on a particular project please email.


Custom Spinning

I generally spin from batts, clouds or roving.  I have experience in most blends and fiber types also, although my specialty is the use of camelid fibers.  If the client has a particular yarn weight they are looking for, simply send a sample and I match it.  Determining the yarn use is also helpful, this is why I work closely with the client, insuring the desired end product.  I have been competing in yarn competitions and have placed well each time entering, in most classes that are offered.  References from previous clients are also available upon request.


Price Guide for Handspinning

$4.25 per ounce for 2 ply/or singles

Lace Weight varies with fiber type, generally .15 per yard.

All yarns will include setting of the twist and will be offered in center pull balls or skeins, the choice is yours.

Novelty yarns can also be done upon request, pricing varies to fiber and yarn type.


Custom Services From Your Raw Fiber

Cleaning is charged at $10 per hour, this includes picking, deguarding, skirting, and washing. 

*Please note- due to time limitations with increased demand of handspun yarns and woven creations I am currently only taking a very limited amount of raw fiber that needs picking. I will still handle raw fiber in any amount but in most cases it will have to picked and ready to wash for processing.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

( The biggest money and time saver is the cleaning of the fiber BEFORE you shear, it is much easier to do on the animal then when it's off)

Commercial carding is charged at $5 per pound. I use a well-established business for this process.  Custom drum carding is also available at the hourly fee basis.

If you need more information on how to prepare a fleece for harvest please visit that page on our site.


Custom Dyeing

I can also dye your fibers; either fleece or yarns can be done. My specialty is handpainted skeins, creating multitudes of colors.  I have given workshops and this was also published in Llama Life II this past year.  This is charged on dye use and weight of yarns and fibers.  Do you want to create something special and unique? I can do it.


Custom Weaving

I love using my handspun yarns for weaving, whether for scarves, vests, jackets, rugs, or just fun projects.  If you see an item in our hand-woven page but would like it to be your fiber or yarns being used, I can do it.  Or if you want the item in a particular color we can do that also.  This lets you be the designer in your creation.

Pricing varies with pattern and yarn type.  Below you will find general pricing for weaving services.  (Prices do not include yarns.)

Scarves: $25 and up

Shawls: $45 and up

Baby Blankets or Lap Throws: $55 and up

Custom Knitting/ Crocheting

Pricing will vary with pattern used and size of project. Please email for quote to ask about your specific project.



I also offer felting, in fabric form.  You can either create from there or I can.  This is a great way to use fiber, create anything from vests, hats, mittens, or ornaments.  Let your imagination go.  This is also charged by weight of fiber.

Shady Havenís Fiber Designs also offers workshops in most areas of fiber use, check it out.









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